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. Islamic countries 0 0 years October Date Although I mentioned in the last of the last, It was during the leave of absence Hokkaido University of male students (age) is, against foreign It was forbidden to prepare and conspiracy for the purpose of the privately hostilities, of the Penal Code On suspicion of [my game reserve and conspiracy], received the Metropolitan Police Department of the investigation in October day Directly below. Some of the Japanese society, route to become a combatant of the [Islamic State] Nante but was present, it is a tremendous surprise! So this time, For this incident, that was found in a subsequent examined, to see a little more detail I would like to go. * * * * * First of all, according to the Metropolitan Police Department Ministry of Public Security, This university student, was planning to leave the Japan towards Syria in October day. In other words, the day before departure at the last minute, why was the interrogation (optional) is. In fact, the Ministry of Public Security is in and out of the [Islamic State] of Syrian territory, at least We also have confirmed the Japanese of 0 people back and forth.

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